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Cherrine Chow

Cherrine Chow is an associate in Baker McKenzie's Toronto office. She advises and represents both domestic and international private and public sector clients on human rights claims, wrongful dismissals, antitrust matters, regulatory compliance matters, and commercial fraud matters from Baker McKenzie’s Toronto office. Ms. Chow has also worked as an associate in the firm’s London, UK office under the International Clerkship Program. Ms. Chow holds an LL.M. from the University of Toronto where her thesis focused on the relationship between international trade regulations and competition policy. She is a frequent contributor to Canadian Fraud Law .

Senior executives are sometimes indemnified against costs and expenses incurred as a result of legal proceedings that might be brought against such employees. Indemnification of this kind provides the executives with a level of security in which they can make necessary, often difficult decisions required in their roles without fear…

2013 has been an explosive year for the doctrine of corporate criminal liability in  Canada. Employers need to be aware of their potential liability under criminal  law for the actions and omissions of both those within their organization and third  party contractors engaged by the company. Increased Penalties On September 4,…