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Gulnur Bekmukhanbetova

Gulnur Bekmukhanbetova is a Counsel at the Almaty office of Baker & McKenzie. She specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking and Finance and Tax Law.

On 17 February 2022, the we launched our Central Asia in Focus webinar series, discussing trends, challenges and opportunities in the region. In our five-episode webinar series, we will be discussing a wide range topics with experts from Banking & Finance, corporate, regulatory and other practices.
Episode 1: Update on recent developments in Kazakhstan: Aviation
Episode 2: Data protection and Covid-19: Trends, insights and comparison with the GDPR

The Cape Town Convention is designed to protect rights of owners and financiers in movable property, including aircraft and aircraft engines. As a result, lenders, banks, leasing companies and investors would be able to benefit from internationally recognized legal framework and standards for cross-border aircraft leasing and financing transactions. Borrowers and lessees (airlines) potentially should be able to better manage transaction risks, thus reducing costs in respect of Kyrgyz-registered aircraft or aircraft mortgaged by or leased to Kyrgyz entities.

On 6 October and 19 December 2020, Kazakhstan’s President signed Law No. 365-VI ZRK1 and Law No. 384-VI ZRK2 (“Amendments”), respectively, which introduced certain changes to the country’s anti-corruption legislation, including the Anti-Corruption Law,3 Criminal Code4 and Civil Code.5 Law No. 365-VI ZRK became effective on 18 October 2020, and Law No. 384-VI ZRK came into effect on 31 December 2020.