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Ina María Drago

Ina Maria Drago is a partner at Estudio Echecopar. She has a background in corporate law with a broad knowledge of the legislation applicable to natural resources activities and advises clients in all aspects related to the start-up and development of natural resources projects.

Law No. 31745 has been published, amending Article 11 of Legislative Decree 1107, which regulates the responsibility of the purchaser of mining products to verify the origin of such products, establishing the documents to be requested, as well as the actions to be taken for this purpose.

On 11 December 2021, the official journal, El Peruano, published Resolution N° 028-2021-OEFA/CD, through which the Environmental Monitoring Report Registration Module (IMA) was created as the electronic means through which those managed under the competence of the Organization of Supervision and Environmental Assessment (OEFA) must comply with when submitting their environmental monitoring reports.