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Ken Jull

Ken Jull is a member of Baker & McKenzie's White Collar Crime Steering Committee. Mr. Jull practices in the area of risk management strategies to promote regulatory and corporate compliance, which includes internal investigations and litigation of disputes which have a compliance component, including trials involving allegations of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. He is a frequent contributor to Canadian Fraud Law.

The Supreme Court of Canada released its anticipated decision in Guindon v. Canada[1] on July 31, 2015, which held that administrative monetary penalties (“AMPs”) under section 163.2 of the Income Tax Act (the “ITA”)[2] are not offences that trigger constitutional protections such as the right to be presumed innocent. Other…

2013 has been an explosive year for the doctrine of corporate criminal liability in  Canada. Employers need to be aware of their potential liability under criminal  law for the actions and omissions of both those within their organization and third  party contractors engaged by the company. Increased Penalties On September 4,…