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Natalie Dunne

Natalie is a Partner at the London office of Baker McKenzie under the Corporate Tax department since qualifying as a solicitor. Natalie was seconded to Baker McKenzie's Tax Practice Group in Hong Kong for three months in 2010.

The proliferation of sustainability-related disclosures is a key trend in the prevailing socio-economic and legislative landscape. Tax – an increasingly important metric in the sustainability agenda – is starting to follow suit. In recent years, global, regional, and domestic measures have emerged with a view to increasing tax transparency, and this trend shows no sign of abating.
In this article, which is part of our ESG & Tax series, we outline the evolving tax transparency landscape and identify some of the key trends for businesses to get to grips with.

As rapid transformation and changing legislation carve the future business landscape, tax considerations increasingly intersect with your most strategic business decisions. At Baker & McKenzie, we look at tax from every angle. Against this backdrop, we are eager to share our highly anticipated program “Unlocking the intersection between ESG and Tax” with you, which we were proud to launch at our 18th Annual Global Tax Planning & Transactional Workshop “Embracing the Changing World of Tax”.