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Paula De Biase

Paula De Biase leads the Financial Services Regulatory Department in the Madrid office. With more than 14 years' experience in financial regulation, she has advised national and international clients in various areas of the financial services sector: payment services, fund management, investment services, consumer credit and other banking and insurance services, including Fintech initiatives and other online and mobile solutions. Paula has taught Banking Law in the Master's programmes of several universities: the International Legal Consultancy degree at IE; the International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations degree at ISDE; the Business Law degree at the Universidad de Navarra, and the Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship degree at INCARI/Rafael del Pino Foundation.

As a consequence of Spain’s late implementation of the 5 AML Directive, the Registry of Crypto Exchanges and Custodian Wallet Providers at the Bank of Spain has only been recently activated. Since the end of October 2021, the procedure together with the necessary forms are now available at the Bank of Spain’s website to apply for registration as Exchange Providers of Virtual Currency into Fiat and Electronic Wallets Service Custodians, as provided for in the Spanish Act 10/2010, dated 28 April, on anti-money laundering and terrorism financing.

The new proposed regulation (“Circular”) is aimed at developing the rules, principles and criteria to which crypto-asset advertising will be subject. The Circular defines the type of entities and assets included in its scope and the powers granted to the Spanish financial regulator, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), so it can supervise and control the adverting of certain types of crypto assets that have been deemed unregulated products thus far. The deadline for interested parties to reply to the public consultation is 31 August 2021.

The recent publication of Circular 2/2020, of the National Securities Market Commission (“CNMV”) on the advertising of investment products and services (“Circular 2/2020”) on November 13, 2020 includes new  rules in terms of advertising of investment products, adding clarifications that go beyond the MiFID package. These new rules affect not only Spanish entities but also foreign financial institutions providing services in Spain under freedom to provide services or right of establishment, including branches and agents.