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Rinaldi Raymond

Rinaldi Raymond is a Customs Specialist, in Baker McKenzie, Jakarta office.

In December 2022, the Indonesian Minister of Finance issued a new regulation on self-consumed imported goods, i.e., MOF Regulation No. 190/PMK.04/2022, on the Transfer of Self-Consumed Imported Goods, to meet the need for a more dynamic regulatory system in the trade sector. This regulation is designed to promote trade and economic growth in Indonesia by providing new import facilities, namely: (i) new import mechanisms for digital goods; (ii) new requirements to submit supporting customs documents; (iii) new requirements for non-MITA/AEO importers to obtain a registration number; (iv) new requirements for physical inspection of self-consumed imported goods; (v) new formulae to calculate import duties, excises and taxes; and (iv) new provisions for transferring imported goods that are subject to intellectual property rights requirements.