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Roderick Beudeker

Roderick is a senior associate within the Employment Law team. Roderick assists both Human Resources departments of multinationals as well as the boards of small and medium-sized enterprises with employment law matters in the broadest sense, which includes employment contracts, restructurings, works councils, incentive plans, termination of employment contracts of board members and key employees and all matters relating to termination of employment contracts on both an individual and collective level. Roderick joined the employment team in October 2015. Prior to joining Baker McKenzie, Roderick worked for three years at another global law firm where he gained experience in employment and financial law.

Today, more than 28 million people in the EU work through digital platforms in a wide variety of sectors. With the aim of improving the working conditions of these platform workers, the Commission published a proposal for a Directive on 9 December 2021. According to the Commission, the proposed Directive should ensure greater protection of platform workers. If the Directive is adopted, European member states will have two years to adapt their national legislation accordingly.

In the event that a position becomes redundant, employers are obliged to investigate whether the affected employee can be reassigned to another suitable position, before they can pursue termination. The reassignment assessment must cover the entire group of companies, which raises a number of questions, especially for large multinationals. Because what exactly is expected of employers and what does this mean in practice?