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Santiago Ried

Santiago Ried is a member of the Antitrust & Competition and Dispute Resolution practice groups in the Santiago office of Baker & McKenzie. Mr. Ried has six years of experience in the practice areas of antitrust, dispute resolution, consumer protection and corporate law. He started his practice with Carey y Cía from 2007 to 2010, and then worked for the Chilean government in the Ministry of the General Secretary to the Presidency. He joined Baker & McKenzie in 2013.

On April 3, 2015, after a public consultation launched last February 27, the French Competition Authority (the “Authority”) released its  fourth version of the procedural notice on leniency proceedings (the “Procedural Notice”). The leniency program, which was enacted in 2001 in France, allows a company which provides information regarding a…

​On March 16, a bill which introduces an important reform to Chilean Antitrust Law was signed by the President and sent to Congress. It contains -among others- the following main changes: It will introduce criminal penalties for individual participant in cartels, with prison time of up to 10 years. It…