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Theofano (Fani) Chlampoutaki

Fani is a New York qualified associate in the Firm's Corporate Finance group in London. Prior to joining the firm, she was working in a leading law firm in Athens, Greece. Fani has experience working on a wide range of corporate finance transactions, including high yield debt offerings, syndicated credit facilities and restructuring transactions.

Excerpt: In this article, our lawyers provide an overview of the main trends in the leveraged finance market during a turbulent period, with an M&A backlog and imminent maturities indicating a recovery. They look at changes in borrowing activity, new challenges with new solutions, ESG and digital bonds and consider if a bounce-back is on the horizon.

Demanding macroeconomic and geopolitical factors have led borrowers in the leveraged finance market to pursue alternative arrangements, but our lawyers suggest there are signs of a brighter outlook in the UK. In this article, our lawyers provide a market overview and outlook, explore alternative sources of capital and examine product-specific developments and regulatory reform, and benchmark change in ESG, digital bonds, CMBS maturity wall, Secured Overnight Financing Rate and uptiering transactions.