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Yann Padova

Yann Padova joined Baker McKenzie as a partner in the Information Technology Group and head of the Data Protection Practice in Paris. He is internationally recognized in digital network law, personal data and regulatory law. Yann Padova has an extensive experience in data protection for 17 years and has served both as a regulator and a lawyer. In November 2017, he has been appointed “Country Leader” by the International Association of Privacy Professional (IAPP). Before joining Baker McKenzie, Yann Padova served as Commissioner with the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (2015-2017), to which he was appointed by the President of the National Assembly due to his skills in the field of personal data. Before this, he had worked for Baker McKenzie in Paris as Senior Counsel in the Information Technologies and Communications team (2012-2015). For 6 years, he was Secretary General of the CNIL, the French data protection authority (2006-2012) where he participated in the very first rounds of negotiations of the GDPR. He began his career as an Administrator at the National Assembly (1995-2006) where he specialised in personal data laws, criminal law and criminal procedures and notably participated in the legal work that led to the transposition of the Directive 95/46 on data protection into French Law.

We assist you in contractual, regulatory and litigation matters, in your innovative, complex and often international projects, digital transformation, electronic communication, personal data and cybersecurity. Our team offers you a series of tips and tricks under fact sheets format in the areas of cyber surveillance, data protection (GDPR / ePrivacy), IT contract negotiation, E-commerce platforms and Tech investments.

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