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Lothar Determann, Baker McKenzie Partner and UC Berkeley School of Law Professor, recently joined Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland, to present at the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology (BCLT) during Berkeley Law’s IP & Tech Month. Throughout the month, BCLT hosted a number of curated sessions to provide practitioners with the most relevant, up-to-date information from top experts in the field.

Lothar and Helen provided a year-in-review of international privacy for US practitioners, focusing on the EU and GDPR as well as how other countries are protecting privacy and regulating data.

Below you will find the full video recording of the presentation.

May 10, 2022

International Privacy Year in Review (for US practitioners)


  • Lothar Determann – Partner, Baker McKenzie and Professor, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Helen Dixon – Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland
  • Paul Schwartz – Host, Berkeley Law Center for Law and Technology

Lothar and Helen Dixon and will also present at the upcoming IAPP Congress in Brussels on November 15/16 on the following topic:

GDPR & CCPA – Lessons for the World
Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland, and Lothar Determann, partner at Baker McKenzie in Palo Alto, examine recent GDPR enforcement trends and case law in the EU, compared with developments in the United States and other jurisdictions, to develop recommendations for global businesses on topics including the following:

  • Complaints handling and dispute resolution; policies and contract terms
  • Privacy notices; policies, disclosures and supplemental notices
  • Data processing and transfer agreements; formats, contents, negotiations and impact assessments
  • Cookies, tracking and do not sell; consent and opt-out management



Lothar Determann has been helping companies in Silicon Valley and around the world take products, business models, intellectual property and contracts global for nearly 20 years. He advises on data privacy law compliance, information technology commercialization, interactive entertainment, media, copyrights, open source licensing, electronic commerce, technology transactions, sourcing and international distribution at Baker McKenzie in San Francisco & Palo Alto. He is a member of the Firm's International/Commercial Practice Group and the TMT and Healthcare industry groups.

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