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In brief

Over the past years, we have seen a significant increase in complex corporate income tax and transfer pricing audits in Belgium, including multilateral audits.

Key takeaways

In this webinar session, we discussed the latest audit trends and focus areas of the Cell for large enterprises, the Transfer pricing cell and the Special tax investigation office (e.g., tax treatment of reorganisations, EBITDA 30%-rule, group contribution, transfer pricing implications of financial transactions, hard-to-value intangibles, etc.). We analyzed the triggers leading to a tax audit and best practices on how to best handle a tax audit. Finally, we looked ahead and discussed the impact of new regimes, such as CFC, Pillar two, the public CbCR, and multilateral tax audits.

SpeakersGéry BombekeJulie Permeke

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Géry Bombeke heads Baker McKenzie's Tax Practice Group in the Brussels office. He joined Baker McKenzie in 2004, after several years of experience in a Big 4 and related law firm. He became partner in 2010.


Julie Permeke is a partner in the Tax Practice Group of the Brussels office. She joined Baker McKenzie in 2016 after several years of experience as a tax lawyer in other well reputed Benelux law firms. She also works as a voluntary researcher in the tax department of the Free University of Brussels (VUB). Julie has been listed as a recommended tax lawyer in Legal 500.

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