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Alfonso Curiel Valtierra

Alfonso Curiel Valtierra has more than 10 years of experience in commercial litigation, often representing public entities and private companies. He was granted with specialization diplomas in financial law and civil and commercial procedural law by Universidad Panamericana. Also, Mr. Curiel-Valtierra has written and published several articles regarding relevant legal provisions in commercial and public law and participated in diverse forums in connection with commercial and financial law as well as insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.

Under section 1916 of the Civil Code of Mexico City and the equivalent law in other states of the country, “moral damage” is defined as the profound alteration that a person suffers in their feelings, affections, beliefs, decorum, honor, reputation, private life, configuration and physical aspects, or to the regard in which they are held by others produced by an act, activity, conduct or illicit behavior. Employees may, in civil proceedings, sue a company for moral damages due to discriminatory treatment during the employment relationship or at the time of dismissal.