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Anna Urbanska

Anna Urbańska is leading a team of financial crime compliance professionals at Standard Chartered’s global business services hub based in Warsaw, Poland. She has almost 20 years of experience in banking, mutual funds and consulting. Her to-date experience includes managing large-scale operations, building, transforming and optimizing operational teams, anti-money laundering, leading big regulatory transformation and remediation projects, organizational strategy creation, corporate culture change and business processes management. Prior to joining Standard Chartered she led a team of financial crime compliance at PwC, served as COO and Management Board Member at ProService fintech company and managed operations centre for RBS while leading international projects (in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the UK, the USA and Latin America). She also held managerial positions in operational entities of such financial institutions as Cetelem, HSBC and GMAC. She’s an educated lawyer, holding a master’s degree issued by the Law Faculty of the University of Warsaw, Poland.