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Celine van Zeebroeck

Céline van Zeebroeck is a special legal counsel in the Washington, DC office of Baker McKenzie. Prior to joining the Firm, initially in the Chicago office, Ms. van Zeebroeck spent time in Chile working on human right issues. She then worked as a commercial litigation and transaction lawyer in Brussels focusing on IP and antitrust matters. As a civil law lawyer and French speaker, Céline van Zeebroeck is instrumental in building relationships with correspondent law firms in French-speaking jurisdictions.

Current global geopolitical changes have opened up new prospects for Algeria. On the one hand, Algeria is being courted by Europe and redoubling its efforts to increase its energy offering to reap record profit amid high gas prices. On the other hand, additional gas revenues offer opportunities for Algeria to develop the local industry in order to reduce its dependence on imports and fossil energy in the long term, and create jobs and technological partnerships. But can Algeria effectively create a competitive and business-friendly climate to attract foreign investors?