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Claudine Fox

Claudine Fox is a senior tax advisor in Baker McKenzie's Washington office. Claudine is a chartered accountant and before joining the firm in 2017, Claudine worked in the international tax services and transaction tax groups of Big 4 accounting firms for 9 years.

HMRC has published its response to the recent consultation on the operation of the UK hybrid-mismatch rules along with draft legislation to amend the rules in various respects. Although the consultation document identified discrete areas where HMRC were seeking views, HMRC also welcomed broader feedback on the current operation of legislation to the extent it was not operating proportionately or as intended. 

HMRC’s proposals only offer partial solutions to many of the issues identified by stakeholders. In particular, US multinational groups may continue to suffer material disallowances under the double deduction rules in some common (and benign) commercial structures. It is clear from our recent discussions with HMRC that they have endeavored strike a balance between fixing some of the issues with the current legislation while ensuring the rules cannot be manipulated. The remaining pitfalls within the legislation which continue to lead to economic double taxation are therefore deliberate policy choices that HMRC intends to stick by irrespective of the harmful consequences for some taxpayers.

The adverse consequences of COVID-19 could be broad, including reduction of consumer demand, supply chain disruption, and an increase in risk aversion in financial markets (driven by an overall downturn in business and consumer confidence). Local subsidiaries of multinational enterprises (MNEs) in affected regions, even those that are operating “business…

Read publication We are pleased to enclose the March issue of Tax News and Developments, a publication of Baker McKenzie’s North America Tax Practice Group. This month’s edition features an update on the tax payment deadline, state and local tax effects of COVID-19, a discussion on the FDII regime, the…