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Iman Hindrajanto

Iman Suryanto Hindrajanto is a Senior Tax Specialist in Baker McKenzie's Jakarta office.

The Minister of Finance has issued Minister of Finance Regulation Number 67/PMK.03/2020 (‘MoF 67/2020’) on the Provisions of Value Added Tax Or Value Added Tax And Sales Tax on Luxury Goods, as well as Land And Building Tax Facilities In Upstream Oil And Gas Business Activities Under Gross Split Production Sharing Contract.

MoF67/2020 provides tax facilities during the exploration and exploitation phases until the commencement of Commercial Production, in the form of:

Value Added Tax  (‘VAT’) or VAT and Sales Tax on Luxury Goods payable are not levied. 
Land and Building Tax is reduced up to 100%.

MoF 67/2020, which was published on 15 June 2020 and effectively came into force by 15 July 2020, also regulates the procedures to obtain the facilities.