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José Luis Yus

José luis Yus is a partner in the Litigation department in Madrid has considerable experience in restructuring & insolvency procedures. José luis began his professional activity as a member of the Inspection Office of Credit and Savings Institutions of the Bank of Spain, holding more than 30 years of experience as a lawyer leading R&I departments in national and international law firms. As insolvency administrator, he has been appointed in more than sixty procedures, and has participated in numerous processes of sale of production units in insolvency proceedings. Likewise he has represented the interests of several financial entities in many insolvency proceedings, which has allowed him to have an in-depth knowledge of insolvency proceedings of all types, complexity and size.

Through the EU Directive on Restructuring and Insolvency of 20 June 2019 (EUR 2019/1023, “Directive”), the European Union has imposed an obligation on its member states to offer a more attractive and flexible restructuring scheme in their respective local law. The initial deadline to do so had been 17 July 2021. Only a handful of countries (most notably Germany and The Netherlands) had implemented the Directive within the initial deadline, whilst the other countries made use of the possibility to ask for a one year extension.