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Julia Gillert


Join our webinar on Thursday, 20 January 2022 for an engaging discussion on trade compliance, customs laws and risks of sanctions within the cannabis industry. Our panel of legal experts in international trade compliance will discuss such topics as: what the cannabis industry can do to be more trade compliant, how to navigate the multi-jurisdictional variances in customs laws, how to reduce the risks associated with the import and export of cannabis and how to identify and mitigate sanctions risks.

The Heads of Medicine Agency has published a letter highlighting its plans to collaborate with other European medicines agencies to build knowledge on the approaches taken by member states with a record of effective, consistent trial reporting, with a view to sharing guidance with all member states as to “best practice” clinical trial reporting ahead of the new Clinical Trial Regulation and enhanced transparency rules coming into force. This article sets out the reasoning behind the letter’s publication, as well as an overview of key provisions within the CTR.

Following four and a half years of often acrimonious negotiations and numerous build ups to a no-deal situation, the EU-UK TCA represents a positive step. While the deal is relatively thin and offers only discrete regulatory reciprocity, overall the TCA is a welcome development in the face of apparent near- political failure to agree on a way forward between the two sides. The life sciences sector has been preparing for no-deal amidst the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, throughout 2020, and having a deal, however slim, is positive for the sector in providing more fertile political ground for future harmonisation and cooperation