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Lerisha Naidu

Lerisha Naidu is a partner in Baker McKenzie's Antitrust & Competition Practice Group in Johannesburg. She advises and represents international and domestic clients in mergers and acquisitions, prohibited practices (including cartel-related matters), and compliance and risk mitigation.

Our Banking & Finance, Competition & Antitrust, Mergers & Acquisitions and Trade partners in Johannesburg outline ten reasons to turn your attention to African trade and investment opportunities in the coming year. Some of these reasons include the rise in commodity prices, shifting patterns and alternative financing, digitization and competition law and enforcement.

Draft guidelines to the COMESA Competition Regulations, 2004 were published for public comment in October 2021. The guidelines are intended to provide clarity, transparency and certainty on the policies and procedures of the COMESA Competition Commission. Based on international best practice, they address the determination of fines and administrative penalties, as well as settlement and hearing procedures.

Overall, globalization has contributed to economic growth in Africa, but post COVID-19, authorities around the world are tightening restrictions and implementing barriers to foreign investments in a bid to protect industries that may be left vulnerable during these times. Lerisha Naidu, Partner, and Selma Matsinhe, Associate, in the Competition and Antitrust Practice Group in Johannesburg, explain how a careful balance needs to be struck between protectionism and attracting foreign investment.

Numerous competition authorities in Africa are aware of the effects of unjustified price hikes and excessive pricing on already vulnerable economies. They have responded by establishing specialised investigation teams, refocusing existing resources to COVID-19 specific complaints and introducing new competition regulations – as is the case in South Africa. African…

To manage the risk of losing their human capital to competitors, certain employers have implemented no-poach agreements or clauses. Such agreements have triggered concern from competition authorities, including those in the US, and could be on the radar of South African competition authorities aiming to facilitate a fair labor market in South Africa post COVID-19. Lerisha Naidu, Partner, and Thato Mkhize, Candidate Attorney in Competition and Antitrust Practice Group in Johannesburg explain.

In brief Countries around the globe are facing unprecedented and rapid change due COVID-19. South Africa is no exception, with the government introducing various relief schemes and new regulations in response to the devastating socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic. These developments have important implications for businesses and individuals in South…

In brief COVID-19 has brought about unfavorable consequences for companies and many of them will be facing financial hardships in the aftermath of the pandemic. One of the most effective ways in which companies may address financial di756876 stress is through mergers. Lerisha Naidu, Sphesihle Nxumalo, and Thando Thabethe, from…