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Hakan Ozgokcen

Hakan Ozgokcen is a Partner in Esin Attorney Partnership, Istanbul office.

In a time of recession, competition law regulations do not change in their content or enforcement. On the contrary, it is vital for companies to remain compliant with applicable antitrust laws and continue their commercially independent behavior. We provided an overview perspective on key antitrust and competition trends for emerging markets including, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa and Saudi Arabia in 2023.

The amendments in the Turkish merger control regime (i) increase the turnover thresholds for notifiability, (ii) bring an exception to the turnover thresholds applicable to the acquisition of technology companies, (iii) change the turnover calculation methodology for certain types of undertakings, and (iv) update the template notification form. The amendments are set to enter into force on 4 May 2022.