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Marie Roschelle Quintero

Marie Roschelle Quintero is a Mid-Level Associate in Baker McKenzie's Caracas office.

The Office of the National Superintendent of Securities (SUNAVAL) has authorized the Decentralized Stock Exchange of Venezuela, S.A. (BDVE) to act as a decentralized stock exchange as of 19 January 2021 (“Guidelines”),1 after the trial period of 90 days under Guidelines No. 146.

On 21 January 2021, the Office of the National Superintendent for Banking Sector Institutions (SUDEBAN) issued a notice that prohibits banking institutions from carrying out credit operations using foreign currency, without prior authorization from SUDEBAN and the Central Bank of Venezuela (“BCV”) (“Notice”).1

On 1 September 1 2020, the National Superintendence of Cryptoassets and Related Activities (“SUNACRIP”) issued Administrative Guidelines No. 057-2020, which established the requirements and procedures for delivering and receiving cryptoassets remittances to individuals in Venezuela (“Guidelines”)1