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Oscar Morean

Oscar Morean is a partner in the Firm’s Caracas office where he previously served as a senior associate for five years before starting a local boutique corporate and tax law firm. He has over two decades of experience advising on tax and corporate law matters across Venezuela’s leading industries and most important practice areas, including pharmaceutical and oil and gas verticals, taxation, litigation, capital repatriation, tax treaties interpretation, and wealth and estate planning. Oscar has extensive experience advising key players, family groups, and multinational corporations engaged in import and export activities. He graduated from the Universidad Catόlica Andrés Bello and holds an LLM in Taxation degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and an LLM in International Taxation from the University of Florida. He has also completed an executive program on negotiation at Harvard Business School. Oscar has been invited as a guest speaker at tax conferences in Latin America and has been a law professor in the most prominent law schools in the country.

The Presidential Press’1 and the Ministry of Habitat and Housing’s2 Twitter accounts announced on August 9, 2020 the execution of the “National Agreement of Municipal Tax Harmonization” (“Agreement”), prepared by the Bolivarian Council of Mayors of Venezuela3 to harmonize municipal taxes in 305 Venezuelan municipalities. (Venezuela has 335 municipalities).  Click here to see a copy of the Agreement, dated July 29, 2020. (available only in Spanish)