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What are the rules protecting data in Asia Pacific? What can you do to recover information if you have been hacked? The Cybersecurity Counter-offensive Asia Pacific Guide has been launched in response to a wave of new cybersecurity legislation throughout the Asia Pacific region to regulate and monitor cybersecurity.

In a noteworthy trend picked-up by Trace International’s Global Enforcement Report, in 2014 non-U.S. enforcement actions concerning bribery of foreign officials outpaced U.S. enforcement actions for the first time.  The widely held perception has been that only the United States enforces its anticorruption laws.  The recently released report indicates enforcement by…

Effectively managing corporate compliance efforts in today’s regulatory environment–preventing corporate officers and employee from engaging in illegal practices, while also addressing a wide array of other compliance and risk management concerns–presents a major challenge to multinational companies with extended enterprises. Although enforcement guidelines around the world vary in length, tone…