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The Investigating Authority of the Federal Economic Competition Commission published on 12 October 2022, a notice initiating an investigation, for alleged anticompetitive conduct of horizontal monopolistic practices (or cartel practices) in the market of public procurement procedures for the acquisition, leasing, maintenance services and managed services of information and communication technologies.

On 13 October 2022, Decree No. 682/2022 and Resolution No. 5272/2022 were published in the Official Gazette. With respect to certain transactions covered by the Tax on the Acquisition of Foreign Currency, the Federal Tax Authority added a new Collection Regime at a rate of 25% to the acquisition of foreign currency for certain payments through the Resolution.
By means of the Decree, payments for the (i) acquisition abroad of personal, cultural and recreational services (not including education), in accordance with the Central Bank of Argentina regulations, and (ii) the import of goods listed as “sumptuous” are also levied by the Tax at a rate of 30%.

By means of Joint General Resolution 5271/2022 of the Argentine Tax Authority and the Trade Secretariat published on 11 October 2022: (i) the Import System of the Argentine Republic and the Import System of the Argentine Republic and Payment of Services Abroad systems were implemented; (ii) the Import Information and Monitoring System and the Integral System for Monitoring Foreign Payments of Services were terminated; and (iii) the Single Current Account for Foreign Trade was created.

By means of Decree 679/2022, dated 10 June 2022, the Executive Power created the Promotion of Investments for Exports of Knowledge Economy Activities Regime, and incorporated benefits for those registered in the National Registry of Beneficiaries of the Promotion of the Knowledge Economy Regime provided by Law 27,506.

Argentina has passed Resolutions AFIP 16/2022 and 19/2022 to create a “Vaca Muerta” customs corridor. The purpose of these resolutions is to accelerate the customs clearance process for imports of goods to be used in the construction of the “Gasoducto Presidente Néstor Kirchner” gas pipeline as well as in the development and exploitation of the Vaca Muerta oilfield. Once the resolutions are implemented, they will substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to import covered goods.

The Ministry of People’s Power of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade issued Resolution No. 017-2022 on 30 August 2022 (“Resolution”), whereby tariff codes were removed from and added to Appendix I of Decree No. 4,683 of 1 May 2022 (“Decree”). The Decree established the exemption from the payment of value-added tax (VAT), customs duties and customs service fees for imports of certain goods and economic sectors until 31 December 2022.
The Resolution entered into force on 12 September 2022 (i.e., five business days following its publication in the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela).

On 27 September 2022, the Ibero-American Network for the Protection of Personal Data published the Guide for the Implementation of Standard Contractual Clauses for the International Transfer of Personal Data, which sets out certain aspects to be considered when making international transfers of personal data through the use of standard contractual clauses. The Guide includes non-binding guidance for those who make ITPD from member countries of the RIPD to non-adequate jurisdictions.

By National Law No. 27,686, published on 19 September 2022, the “Regime for the Development and Strengthening of the Argentine Auto Parts Industry” was created, granting tax and customs benefits to manufacturers of vehicles that use national auto parts and to manufacturers of auto parts in Argentina. The law sets forth the following tax and customs benefits: (i) accelerated amortization of capital goods and infrastructure works, excluding civil works not related to the industrial process; (ii) anticipated refund for the VAT corresponding to the investment made; and (iii) reduction of export duties to 0% up to 31 December 2031.

On 28 August 2022, Decree No. 4,7281 which partially reforms the MERCOSUR Common Nomenclature (NCM), went into effect in Venezuela. The Decree establishes a new sub-chapter in Chapter 98 of the NCM, “Imported Industrial Material for Productive Development”, which assigns a 0% ad valorem tariff to imports of authorized merchandise and exempts them from value-added tax. The duration of the exemption will be subject to the validity of the tax benefits established in the Decree of Customs Exemptions in accordance with Article 75 of the Organic Tax Code.

Antitrust and competition authorities around the world, including LATAM, are undertaking investigations and ongoing proceedings dealing with “no-poach” agreements. Increased scrutiny from these regulators means that companies and staff that agree not to poach employees from others, or fix wages, are increasingly in risk of significant financial and even criminal penalties in some jurisdictions..

Join our Antitrust, Employment and M&A partners for a complimentary webinar on 6 October 2022 where we will analyze the regulatory and enforcement landscape in the US on no-poach, including the trends we are seeing in Latin American countries and the various cases by antitrust authorities in the region.