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Jay Utley

Jay Utley heads the Firm’s Intellectual Property & Technology practice in Dallas and is experienced in all aspects of intellectual property, complex-commercial, and class-action litigation and case management, with significant experience as lead counsel managing litigation teams in competitor and multi-defendant litigation. Many of the patents litigated by Jay cover digital and computer-related technologies, such as telecommunications, semiconductors, displays, digital imaging, optics, financial systems, and networking. Jay also has significant experience in matters involving antitrust, trade secrets, unfair trade practices, racketeering, conspiracy, fraud, and bad faith, as well as proceedings in which the substantive legal issues have been eclipsed by the procedural complexities of multiple parties with multiple cases in multiple US and non-US jurisdictions and venues.

Develop a company culture that embraces trade secret protection at all levels of the organization, and across all company departments. Trade secret protection must be recognized as a compliance issue, with potentially serious reputational, financial, and legal implications. Know the law for the applicable jurisdictions. The law across jurisdictions, while…

Financial institutions are leading the way in adopting new technologies such as machine learning, AI and “big data.” These and other technologies now play an integral role in a range of operations, from portfolio management to fraud prevention, from executing trades to transforming the customer experience. While the potential is…

President Obama signed the Defend Trade Secrets Act into law. The DTSA arms U.S. businesses with better weapons to combat trade secret theft by adding a federal civil cause of action to the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, which, previously, only provided criminal sanctions.