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Michael Kunstler

Michael Kunstler is a partner in the Sydney office of Baker McKenzie. He is a leading infrastructure and energy lawyer, advising governments and key industry participants on mergers and acquisitions. Michael has led a range of major trade sale transactions in Australia, the US and Europe.

5G is helping to drive important business opportunities with its high-speed connections, ultra-low latency, and ability to transmit huge volumes of data and enable simultaneous connections with multiple devices. As businesses seek to leverage 5G technology, find out sazwwhat blind spots exist and how connected solutions can help.

In this era of rapid digitalization the physical structures that facilitate the efficient transmission, storage and processing of data have increasingly critical roles to play in meeting our exponential growth in data usage. As digital infrastructure scales up, so does interest in investing into this new asset class, especially by long-term private capital investors.

Overview The disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is having a major impact on projects both in development and operation. What started the year as an epidemic threatening a loss of supply from China has broadened to a global pandemic impacting on our deals, employees and practices. As dynamic as…