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Janet MacKenzie

Janet is a partner and head of the TMT industry group for the Johannesburg office. She has extensive expertise in the Telecommunication and Information technology sector, as well as the Media, Broadcasting and Entertainment industry.

COVID-19 has revealed the high value of personal data to businesses around the world, while also highlighting its susceptibility to abuse and attack. Countries have responded by reviewing their data privacy and protections laws. In South Africa, the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act are new laws that will bring the country’s data protection and cybersecurity legislation in line with global standards.

Due to rapid advances in digitalization, retail banks are facing increasing client demand for hyper-personalised products and services. However, financial institutions must navigate a myriad of laws and regulations to ensure that in the process of creating hyper-personal solutions for their customers, they are not breaching their privacy.

The recently published draft Films and Publications Amendment Regulations have significant implications for online gaming companies in their current form. The Regulations are out of sync with the commercial realities of online content distribution and gaming platforms and impose extensive administrative and cumbersome obligations on online distributors .Janet MacKenzie, Partner and Head of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry group, and Reinhardt Biermann, Associate, at Baker McKenzie Johannesburg, explain the implications.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in mass production shutdowns and supply chain disruptions due to port closures in China, causing global ripple effects across all economic sectors in a rare “twin supply-demand shock”. With South Africa having just reported its first cases of COVID-19, Africa is beginning to feel its…

Doing Business in South Africa outlines some of the principal matters that will affect an overseas entity that proposes to establish and carry on business in South Africa. Topics covered include: Establishing a legal entity Tax Black economic empowerment Exchange control Anti-bribery and corruption Intellectual property All of the information included…