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Miriam Kompatscher

Miriam Kompatscher joined Baker McKenzie's Employment Law Practice Group in Vienna as a junior associate in August 2022. Prior to joining the Firm, Miriam studied Management & Law at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) and Law at the University of Innsbruck. Thereafter, she worked as a consultant for labor, wage tax and social security law at a large tax consulting firm and completed her legal clerkship at various courts.

The Pay Transparency Directive (EU 2023/970) has been in force for exactly one year, since 6 June 2023. Its aim is to reduce the gender pay gap through new regulations on pay transparency. The EU member states have until June 2026 to implement the directive. The Austrian legislature has not taken any action yet. However, employers should start preparing for the effects now. The new rules require HR processes and the remuneration system to be adapted, for which sufficient preparation time must be planned.

On 1 February 2023, the Austrian National Council passed the so-called Whistleblower Protection Act (HinweisgeberInnenschutzgesetz). This law regulates a set of obligations for companies in relation to whistleblowing, with the setup of an internal “whistle-blowing system” a priority. This new law will come into force shortly — following a formal confirmation by the Federal Council of Austria, which is still pending. The Austrian legislator is finally implementing the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Directive, although with a delay of more than a year.