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Paul Chander

Paul Chander is an associate in Baker McKenzie's Los Angeles office and a member of the Firm's Litigation and Government Enforcement group. Paul's practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, with a focus on high-stakes disputes involving both domestic and international clients.

In 2021 and 2022, as the market continued to focus increasingly on environmental, social, and governance issues, government financial regulators across many independent agencies strongly indicated that increased enforcement relating to ESG is on the horizon, while private plaintiffs filed novel securities class actions based on ESG issues.
Given the rapid development of legal ESG issues in the financial services industry, market participants must remain cognizant of the potential legal risks relating to ESG, and take adequate precautions to protect themselves against both government investigations and private civil litigation. This article analyzes the emerging framework of ESG regulation and litigation in order to advise market participants of the upcoming legal risks relating to ESG issues.