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Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig — a partner in the Firm’s Melbourne office — is the Australian head of mergers and acquisitions and has 30 years experience in acting for bidders and targets. Richard focuses on public mergers and acquisitions including takeovers and schemes of arrangements, as well as initial public offerings and capital raisings. Richard is recognized as a leading recommended lawyer by Chambers Global, APL500, Chambers Asia Pacific, Best Lawyers in Australia, Doyles and IFLR. Chambers Global recognizes Richard's prominence in takeover transactions and those conducted by schemes of arrangement.

Countries around the globe are facing unprecedented and rapid change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government Intervention Schemes Guide provides a summary of key government intervention measures across jurisdictions around the globe in relation to: Foreign Investment Restrictions, Debt, Equity, Taxation, Insolvency, EU State Aid Approvals, where relevant.

The 2021 edition of Duties and Liabilities of Directors of Australian Companies from Baker McKenzie is a timely guide for directors of Australian companies, setting out pivotal issues for directors to consider in the current evolving corporate governance environment. Matters covered in the guide include common law and statutory duties, delegation, financial reporting, continuous disclosure, financial assistance, directors’ insurance and indemnities and other topical issues including climate change, whistleblower protections and anti-bribery and corruption.

Baker McKenzie’s Duties and Liabilities of Directors of Australian Companies is a comprehensive and timely guide for directors of Australian companies. Newly launched in September 2020, it reflects key issues for directors to consider in the current corporate governance landscape, while outlining their core legal obligations. Matters covered in this guide include…

ASX has issued some helpful and pragmatic guidance in relation to continuous disclosure obligations in the COVID-19 environment. Key aspects of the guidance are: ASX recognises the challenges for listed companies in satisfying their disclosure obligations in this rapidly evolving and highly uncertain situation. The key issue remains that disclosure…

As COVID-19 continues to spread and market uncertainty surrounding it persists and intensifies, a number of ASX-listed companies have taken the unusual step of withdrawing, deferring payment of, or reducing, their previously announced dividends in order to preserve cash for the uncertain times ahead. Last week, for example, saw companies…