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Tomoko Sasaki

Tomoko Sasaki is an Immigration Specialist in Baker McKenzieLondon office.

The Government closed the Tier 1 Investor visa route to all new applicants with immediate effect on Thursday 17 February. The reason for this is stated to be as a result of security concerns with a number of cases being linked to corruption and illegitimately acquired wealth. The Innovator route is to be restructured in order to provide an investment route which effectively supports the UK’s economy.

The UK Government has introduced the NHS COVID Pass. The NHS COVID Pass allows you to show others the details of your COVID-19 vaccine (or vaccines) when travelling. It is a secure way to share your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination records or test COVID-19 status. In England and at places that use the service, you may be asked to demonstrate your COVID-19 status in order to gain entry to a venue or event.

From 17 May 2021, the temporary adjustments introduced to the right to work check due to COVID-19 will be ending. When conducting the right to work check, employers must again check the prescribed documents that are set out in the right to work checks: an employer’s guide. Employers can no longer accept scanned copies or photos of the original documents and must be in possession of the original documents when conducting the right to work check.