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Tony Haque

Tony Haque is a senior associate with over 20 years' experience advising in all areas of UK immigration and nationality work, and related European Union law. He is a member of Baker McKenzie’s Global Labor Employment and Employee Benefits Practice Group, where he advises on related corporate, tax and labor law issues, and leads the Firm's Global Immigration & Mobility department in London. Tony is an appointed member of the Law Society's Immigration Law Committee which provides expert guidance to practitioners and seeks to influence the direction of policy. He is recognized as a leader in his field by all of the main UK legal directories including Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, Legal Experts, Global Counsel 3000 and A Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers.

The Home Office has announced that from 6 April 2024, the requirement to renew a Sponsor License after four years or to pay a renewal fee will be removed. This announcement is in line with the Home Office’s “August 2021 Sponsorship Roadmap”, which indicated the future reform of licensing renewal patterns for sponsored employment routes and the simplification of the Sponsor Migrant System. This is positive news as it reduces the burden on sponsors to maintain their license and removes the additional financial burden.

The Government closed the Tier 1 Investor visa route to all new applicants with immediate effect on Thursday 17 February. The reason for this is stated to be as a result of security concerns with a number of cases being linked to corruption and illegitimately acquired wealth. The Innovator route is to be restructured in order to provide an investment route which effectively supports the UK’s economy.

The UK Government has introduced the NHS COVID Pass. The NHS COVID Pass allows you to show others the details of your COVID-19 vaccine (or vaccines) when travelling. It is a secure way to share your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination records or test COVID-19 status. In England and at places that use the service, you may be asked to demonstrate your COVID-19 status in order to gain entry to a venue or event.

From 17 May 2021, the temporary adjustments introduced to the right to work check due to COVID-19 will be ending. When conducting the right to work check, employers must again check the prescribed documents that are set out in the right to work checks: an employer’s guide. Employers can no longer accept scanned copies or photos of the original documents and must be in possession of the original documents when conducting the right to work check.

The videos linked below cover key global immigration and mobility topics. They are designed to give a brief and easy-to-understand overview of important topics relevant to the management of a global workforce. Data Privacy at the Airport: Is it Possible to Protect Sensitive Data? (2 March 2021) Our immigration and…

While businesses progress their recovery and renewal strategies amid the disruption of the global pandemic, there is more change in store for 2021, as US president Joe Biden takes office and the UK and EU adjust to their formal separation. Below we outline the latest employment considerations surrounding US and UK politics and how they will impact the global workforce.​ 

Four and a half years after the UK voted to leave the EU, a deal between the UK and EU was finally reached. The expiry of the transition period on 31 December 2020 marks the start of a new relationship between the UK and the EU. We have identified the…