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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving new business opportunities across a growing number of industry sectors, including consumer goods and retail. Enticed by its transformative potential, companies are actively exploring, experimenting, and deploying AI solutions in business processes, products, and services and are finding ways to derive business value from it. The emergence of generative AI capable of human-like text that can analyze vast amounts of data and create new content has caught the public’s attention and turbocharged interest in potential use cases in the CG&R industry. 

AI in the consumer goods sector

At present, AI is being utilized by many consumer brands throughout the product and sales lifecycle. It is used in research and development solutions, supply chain analysis, ESG data collation, demand forecasting, and inventory management through to customer engagement, targeted marketing, and sale and post-sale interactions. Generative AI is providing CG&R businesses with even more scope to enhance brands. For example, the technology is being used to create images, captions, webpages, and videos in a cost-effective way and to power a better customer experience through personalized product recommendations. 

The opportunities presented by AI for business transformation are many and varied. As with any new technology, businesses must be aware of the inherent risks that come with the deployment of AI in their operations. To learn more about the use of AI and generative AI in the CG&R sector, tune in and listen to our Off the Shelf1 podcast series. In Part 1, our speakers discuss AI and generative AI, the reasons behind its unparalleled uptake, how it is currently being used and could potentially be used in the CG&R industry, and explore some of the risks associated with the use of AI. In Part 2, our speakers discuss the developing regulations around the use of AI and the different approaches being adopted in different regions. They also provide their thoughts and insights on the internal governance strategies and the practical steps to consider when using or engaging with companies that use AI.

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1 Off the Shelf is the Global Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Video Podcast that provides short practical legal insights into the key issues affecting CG&R businesses. To view all episodes, visit the Off the Shelf video chat series.


Sue is a partner in Baker McKenzie's IP, Data and Technology team based in London. Sue specialises in major technology deals including cloud, outsourcing, digital transformation and development and licensing. She also advises on a range of legal and regulatory issues relating to the development and roll-out of new technologies including AI, blockchain/DLT, metaverse and crypto-assets. Her IP and commercial experience includes drafting, advising on and negotiating a wide range of intellectual property and commercial agreements including IP licences and assignment agreements, long-term supply and distribution agreements. She also assists clients in preparing terms of business and related documentation for new business processes and offerings and coordinating global roll-outs. Sue is also a key member of our transactional practice, providing strategic support on the commercial, technology and intellectual property aspects of M&A transactions and joint ventures, including advising on transitional services agreements and other key ancillary IP and commercial agreements. Sue is ranked as a leading lawyer in Chambers for Information Technology & Outsourcing and Fintech Legal and in Legal500 for Commercial Contracts, IT & Telecoms, TMT and Fintech. Clients say of Sue "Sue is outstanding", "She is a really good and very committed lawyer", "Excellent…. Very capable, wouldn’t hesitate to use on IT/TMT/Outsourcing matters." Sue was named in the Standout 35 of the Women in FinTech Powerlist 2020.


Ashlin Perumall is a partner in Baker McKenzie's corporate/M&A and IPTech practice groups in Johannesburg. Ashlin specialises in technology-focused matters, including M&A and venture capital transactions, and the commercial aspects of intellectual property (IP). His practice extends to advising on emerging technology business models and establishing legal, compliance or diligence assessment frameworks for novel targets in various industries, where a high degree of technical expertise is required. These include acting as key advisor to clients entering the fintech (including paytech, open banking, digital banking and financial APIs), blockchain and distributed ledger tech, AI/Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) in the auditing industry and digital asset sector. He has over a decade of experience is assessing emerging technology and novel IP acquisition targets. Ashlin has also worked in the Firm's London office and served as a Fellow to the World Economic Forum's Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in San Francisco as part of our partnership with the forum to address global, regional and industry policy issues in respect of 4IR technologies, conducting regulatory and policy research, and paper writing as part of the Digital Currency Governance Consortium (DCGC).


Karen Roberts is a Lead Knowledge Lawyer in Baker McKenzie, London office.


Zahra Omar is a Lead Knowledge Lawyer in Baker McKenzie, Johannesburg office.

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