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Ryan Orange

Ryan Orange is a Paralegal - ICT in Baker McKenzie Washington, DC office.

On 23 June 2022, the US Department of Health and Human Services Office on Trafficking in Persons issued a request for information on forced labor, a form of human trafficking, in healthcare supply chains. This request for information is part of the office’s ongoing efforts to seek public comments to inform implementation of Executive Order 14001 “A Sustainable Public Health Supply Chain“, the National Strategy for a Resilient Public Health Supply Chain, and other related efforts on forced labor.

Baker McKenzie’s Sanctions Blog published the alert titled BIS Imposes Export Ban on Luxury Goods to Russia and Belarus as well as Russian and Belarussian Oligarchs and Malign Actors on 12 March 2022. Read the article via the link here. Please also visit our Sanctions Blog for the most recent updates.

On 24 February 2022, various US government agencies published their respective reports on supply chain policies for six key industrial bases pursuant to Executive Order 14017, “America’s Supply Chains”. These Reports identify key weaknesses in some of the nation’s most crucial supply chains and offer multi-year strategies to help address those weaknesses. The White House issued a statement and capstone report following the publication of the Reports.

On 26 January 2022, the US Departments of State, Treasury, Commerce, Labor, Homeland Security and the Office of the US Trade Representative issued a joint advisory that highlights certain supply chain-related risks for companies whose business and supply chains may touch Burma/Myanmar.