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Mohammad Alturk

Mo Alturk has a broad-based business-transactional practice focusing on complex corporate and commercial contract matters, with strong emphasis on global transactions involving public and private companies. His experience extends to cross-border joint venture transactions, international franchising, licensing and distribution transactions, international mergers and acquisitions, international regulatory compliance, and international corporate formation and maintenance. He graduated summa cum laude from Southern Methodist University and from Boston University School of Law.

In recent years, environmental, social, and governance issues have become top of mind for companies and stakeholders. In this video, Baker McKenzie partner Mo Alturk shares three considerations that are particularly important for franchise companies as they seek to maintain brand reputation and profitability while navigating ESG concerns. These include maintaining an awareness of required disclosures, carefully managing voluntary disclosures, and keeping a pulse on what supply chain partners are saying and doing.

With the growth of both virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, more and more people are engaging with the metaverse to do things like play games, shop, and even get married. For businesses, and particularly franchise businesses, the metaverse presents some cutting-edge opportunities. But like most things, it’s not without some pitfalls.