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Wibren M.W. Veldhuizen

Wibren Veldhuizen is a partner and steering committee member of Baker McKenzie's CG&R Global Industry Group for EMEA. He practices in Dutch and international tax law, including domestic and cross-border corporate law aspects.
He has serviced numerous CG&R companies for many years. His clients consist primarily of European and Asian multinationals.
Wibren is an active member of the NOB IFZ (the Fiscal Affairs Committee of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors), which provides input to Dutch lawmakers and tax authorities on new laws, application and implementation.

Asia Pacific tax authorities are actively seeking to reduce tax leakages, non-compliance, and what they perceive to be tax avoidance activities. To help you position your business for success in an era of ever-changing tax rules and intense scrutiny, our subject matter experts from across the region and globally will come together to examine key developments. We will discuss the impact of emerging trends and current issues on your business models and strategies, sharing practical tips on how you can maximize opportunities to achieve the best risk mitigation outcomes.