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Danielle Pinedo

Danielle advises multinationals and provides services across the entire spectrum of employment and employee participation law. Danielle has a strong winning track record in the field of employment litigation and won several significant court cases for multinational clients. Most recently, she assisted a multinational in a court case in which the employee submitted a claim to the court of approximately EUR 400,000. The court rejected the claim and in the ruling specifically pointed out the extensive and thorough defense.

Following the example of companies in other countries, a number of companies in the Netherlands recently announced the requirement for employees to be vaccinated before they can return to the workplace. The announcement led to major discussion in the Netherlands, as a vaccination obligation would be a breach of fundamental rights. In this monthly feature, we discuss the possibility of requiring employees to be vaccinated.

Today the Dutch government provided details around the compensation scheme the Temporary Emergency Scheme for Work Retention Scheme (in Dutch: “Tijdelijke Noodmaatregel Overbrugging voor behoud van Werkgelegenheid” or abbreviated as: the “NOW”). This scheme is one of the measures implemented in order to mitigate the magnitude of the financial consequences…

The Dutch government has implemented some necessary but drastic measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These measures have inevitable consequences for everyone, also for employers and employees. Although the legal consequences of the measures introduced can be significant, there are several options available for you, on which we wish…