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Yindi Gesinde

Yindi is a partner in the Baker McKenzie Dispute Resolution team based in London, and a member of the Compliance and Investigations group. Yindi’s practice includes a broad spectrum of complex and high-value international and domestic commercial litigation for multinational clients, with specialist expertise in anti-bribery and corruption investigations, compliance and trust disputes.

We are sharing an episode from the FInsight podcast series as part of the UK Disputes Soundbites series, because of its interesting findings, predictions and exploration of trends in the evolving disputes landscape, with reference to our fifth annual report, The Year Ahead: Global Disputes Forecast 2022.
Hear partners Amy Greer (New York), Marc Thorley (London) and Carolina Duque (Bogota) discuss key findings relevant for financial institutions and the factors driving the increase in disputes and emerging concerns related to liabilities. They also cover litigation around digital transformation, tax, ‘business-as-usual’ conduct, and; new environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

Baker McKenzie’s TMT Looking Ahead 2022 five-part series explores key themes, offers timely insights, and lays out recommendations for technology, media and telecommunication companies looking to navigate the latest industry developments. Report 1 of the series explores how TMT companies can:
manage heightened regulatory activity and continued scrutiny of the industry; understand how regulators will shape new laws and share information on compliance and enforcement activities; get ahead of the curve in protecting IP in key areas of innovation, including autonomous vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and digital health; and
navigate an increasingly complex regulatory enforcement environment following an increase in cyber attacks in 2021

This series of ESG-focused thought leadership webinars will share insights and practical guidance for businesses considering what ESG means for them. Set out are details of our forthcoming demystifying ESG webinar series for 2022 including: regulations, executive pay, climate change, strategic initiatives and corporate responsibility.

Based on a survey of 900 employment and I&D leaders across the globe, the second installment of the Mind the Gap series outlines the main barriers to I&D success and the key actions organizations can take to strengthen performance, manage risk and accelerate progress through their I&D programs.

As diversity and inclusion (D&I) has risen to the forefront of corporate agendas globally, pressure for organizations to accelerate progress around this space has been further intensified by recent social movements, rising stakeholder pressure and the disproportionate impact that COVID-19 has had on communities of color and women. Baker McKenzie examines the role that compliance leaders have to play in a report, in collaboration with Howlett Brown.

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to be felt around the world, businesses continue to face significant levels of instability and uncertainty caused by weakened financial markets and disruption to supply chains, workplace operations and business pipelines. Such instability and uncertainty will result in a growth in the number and…

As the effects of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to be felt around the world, businesses face significant levels of instability and uncertainty caused by weakened financial markets and disruption to supply chains, workplace operations and business pipelines. It is almost certain that such instability and uncertainty will result in…

The science of compliance: SFO releases guidance on how it will assess corporate compliance programmes The SFO’s Operational Handbook1 has been updated with new guidance on how it will evaluate corporate compliance programmes ( protocols/sfo-operational-handbook/). While the guidance is far less prescriptive than many corporates would wish and, in many…

DOWNLOAD ALERT On 3 October 2019, the United Kingdom and the United States signed a first-of-its-kind Bilateral Data Access Agreement (the “Agreement”), which is expected to reduce the time it takes UK and US law enforcement agencies to access electronic evidence held by technology companies located in each other’s territory.…