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Helena Engfeldt

Helena Engfeldt is an associate in Baker McKenzie's International/Commercial Practice Group in San Francisco. Before joining the Firm, she was a Fellow at the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology. While attending Berkeley Law, Ms. Engfeldt was awarded the Dr. Tech. Marcus Wallenberg Foundation Fellowship and the Sweden America Foundation Fellowship.

The early months of 2023 have brought a bumper crop of new state privacy legislation, with Tennessee and Montana legislatures poised to become the eighth and ninth states to enact comprehensive privacy laws. The Tennessee Information Protection Act and Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act, which both passed with unanimous votes out of their respective legislatures on 21 April 2023, follow the recent passage of privacy laws in Iowa and Indiana. The bills now land on their governors’ desks for signature. While the bills hew to broad trends in state privacy laws, each contains novel provisions.

Washington state governor Jay Inslee signed the My Health, My Data Act into law on 27 April 2023. Regulated entities are required to comply with most obligations from 31 March 2024 with small businesses being required to comply from 30 June 2024. Prohibitions on geofencing are operative already on 23 July 2023. The Act will be enforceable both by the Washington Attorney General’s Office and through a private right of action.

Welcome to The Employer Rapport, Baker McKenzie’s Labor and Employment video chat series for US multinational employers. In each on-demand episode, our lawyers provide insights and quick, practical tips on today’s most pressing issues and legal developments impacting employers both at the domestic and global levels. This week we discuss What’s the Fate of the Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate After SCOTUS’s Stay of the OSHA ETS?

We are pleased to invite you to our annual virtual Global Year-End Review of Import/Export/Trade Compliance Developments. Our international trade compliance lawyers from around the world will review the major global legislative, judicial and administrative activities and trends in export controls, trade sanctions, customs compliance, and import requirements which will be 16-18 November 2021.

US employers want employees to return to the brick and mortar workplace but with the COVID-19 Delta variant rampaging across the US and elsewhere, many employers are requiring employees to be vaccinated before they return – and they are requiring proof of vaccination. So, what can employers do to track the vaccination status of their employees?

In this Quick Chat video, our Labor and Employment and Data Privacy lawyers discuss risks and best practices for US employers on tracking proof of employee vaccinations, and take a look at data privacy issues that can arise.

Welcome to our first Virtual Year-End Review of Import/Export Developments Conference, a virtual offering for all our clients and friends worldwide. Baker McKenzie’s international trade compliance lawyers from around the world discussed the major global legislative, judicial and administrative activities and trends in export controls, trade sanctions, customs compliance, and…

Selling or trading personal information — a common practice in the adtech industry — is increasingly under regulatory scrutiny and legislators around the world are contemplating measures that put clear limits around such practices, increase transparency and put consumers in control over their data. By way of example, the German…